Terms and conditions


The user using the services available on the website www.improveyourmix.com declares to know and accept the following general agreement conditions:

Owner of the website www.improveyourmix.com and of its services:

Aemme Records
Via Don Ambrogio Colombo, 46
23854 Olginate LC
Tax code: DDASVT81H10A509B
VAT: 02490590649

Information on www.improveyourmix.com

www.improveyourmix.com is a website that promotes and sells mixing video courses and a lot more, better portrayed in the menus on the website.


To use the service or part of it, the user will have to register providing, in a complete and accurate way, all the data requested in the registering form and accepting entirely the privacy policy and these general agreement conditions.

The user must keep his login credentials safe.

The owner will be able to show the user, upon registering, part of the content as a way of
promoting the content itself.

Account cancellation and User account closure.

The registered user can deactivate its account, asking cancellation or halting the use of the service in any moment, through the interface on www.improveyourmix.com or contacting the
owner of the website directly.

The Owner, upon violation of this general agreement information, reserves the right to suspend or close the User’s account in any moment and without a warning.

Price of the service, purchase and payment methods.

www.improveyourmix.com provides a paid service.

The price and conditions of this service are shown in the relative section on www.improveyourmix.com and can be changed at any given moment without a warning.

The contract is accepted when the transaction to pay for the purchase of the service is concluded.
Once purchased, the service is and will be always available to the user, apart from special products such as the yearly subscription and apart from the limitations specified in the paragraph “unauthorised use”.

www.improveyourmix.com uses third parties payment methods and never gets to know sensitive data, such as those related to credit or debit cards, given by the user.

Performance of the contract and right of withdrawal

The contract in question is about the provision of digital contents via a non-physical mean and the abovementioned content, once purchased, is immediately at the user’s disposal, constituting the actual performance of the contract. Thereby, within the meaning of the article 59, comma 1, lett. o), D. Lgs. 206/2005 (Codice del Consumo), the user is aware and accepts that the right of withdrawal is not applied to this contract. It is also not possible to request the substitution of the purchased product.

Permanent service interruption

If the service were to be definitely interrupted, the owner will provide the user with the service he/she purchased and the related materials, according to the most suitable procedures (e.g. email, Dropbox, etc.) and will act as possible to allow the User to get his
information hosted by the owner.

Resale of the Service

The user is not allowed to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any part of www.improveyourmix.com and its Services without the express consent by the Owner, granted directly or through a specific resale program.

Unauthorised use

The service must be used according to the general agreement conditions.

Specifically, the User can’t:
1) copy, download, save, modify, change, prepare any derived work or alter in any way any of the contents provided by www.improveyourmix.com;
2) do any reverse engineering, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derived works based on www.improveyourmix.com or on any portion of it;
3) bypass the IT systems used by www.improveyourmix.com or its licensees to protect the content accessible through it;
4) use any robot, spider, websites search/finding engine or app, or any other device, process or automatic mean to access, recover, scrape or index any portion of www.improveyourmix.com or its contents.
5) rent, license, or sublicense www.improveyourmix.com;
6) use www.improveyourmix.com in any improper way thereby violating these general agreement conditions.
7) if a video course, a subscription or a service are purchased it is not possible to distribute the credentials of one’s account.


The videos are accessible online and to watch them a good internet connection is necessary. If by any chance the user can’t access the video no refund and no downloadable content will be provided.


The owner of the service reserves the right to offer, also for free, Coupons on occasion of particular promotions.

Where not expressly stated the following rules are applied to use the Coupon.

Each Coupon is valid for a single User and can be used only once according to the modalities and timing established on the website and/or that come with the Coupon itself.

It is not possible to partially use the Coupon or to use it according to modalities that don’t allow its full use in the following phases.

The Coupon must be used by the time established to exploit the offer. When this period has passed the Coupon will automatically expire, without any possibility by the User to make any claim concerning it.

The reproduction, forgery, the trading exchange of the purchased Coupon or any illegal activity related to the purchase and/or use of it are forbidden.

Privacy Policy

For information about the use of personal data the user must refer to the Privacy Policy on www.improveyourmix.com.


All trademarks, figurative o nominative, and all other markings, commercial names, service trademarks, word marks, commercial denominations, illustrations, images, logos that appear regarding www.improveyourmix.com are and remain exclusive property of the Owner and of
his/her franchisees and are protected by the laws in force on trademarks and by the related international agreements.

Age requisites

The User declares to be of age according to his/her legislation.

Underage Users can use www.improveyourmix.com only with the assistance of a parent or a guardian.

Limitations of liability

The User expressly relieves and exempts the Owner of any responsibility, within the limits allowed by the applicable law, concerning any impairment or claim of any kind or sort, personal and/or of third parties including direct and indirect impairments, punishments,
accidents, special or any damage deriving from lack of profit, loss of data or substitution costs derived from or anyway connected to this agreement.

Moreover, the User relieves the Owner in case the website www.improveyourmix.com is momentarily not working. In this case the Owner can’t be called to respond of the temporary non-execution of this contract, resulting from causes that can’t attributed to him.

Changes to the present general agreement conditions

The owner reserves the right to apply changes to the present general agreement conditions in any moment, giving notice to the User via publication on www.improveyourmix.com.

The User that continues using www.improveyourmix.com after the publication of the changes, accepts without reserve the new general agreement conditions.

Assignment of agreement

The Owner reserves the right to transfer, assign, dispose of by novation or subcontract all or any rights or obligations under these Terms, as long as the User’s rights under the Terms are not affected.

Users may not assign or transfer their rights or obligations under these Terms in any way without the written permission of the Owner.


All communications relating to Aemme Records must be sent using the contacts stated on www.improveyourmix.com


If any provision of these general agreement conditions is invalid or unenforceable, that clause will be removed and the remaining provisions shall not be affected and they will remain in force.

Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and any dispute concerning the implementation, interpretation and validity of this agreement are subject to the law, the jurisdiction of the state and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts where the Owner has their registered offices.

An exception to this rule applies in cases where the law provides a sole place of jurisdiction for consumers.


Improve’s Academy and Workshops

The money deposited for the Subscriptions won’t be refunded for any reason.

Subscriptions section

Yearly Subscription and Improve’s Club Subscription

1) Preliminary indications

The Subscription service is reserved to adult Users.

To use the subscription having an internet connection is necessary, the related costs are on the User, according to the terms established by his/her provider.

The tools (tablets, computers, smartphones, apps, other means of communication, etc.) that allow access to the Subscription, and the expenses of connection necessary to use the above mentioned Subscription are to be borne by the User alone.

Aemme Records expressly informs the User that, in case an update requires the User to change software or his/her tools and/or devices, this change will be to be borne solely by the User.

2) Characteristics of the Service

The Subscription Service has to be paid and it concerns the fruition of the digital contents provided by Aemme Records.

When a subscription is paid all the contents are immediately at the User’s disposal and in no cases a refund is provided.

With the activation of the Subscription the User will be able to use the digital contents for the whole period without any further charges, apart from the cost of data traffic, that will correspond to the amount decided by the telephone operator and based on the User’s calling plan.

The details about the costs, duration, contents and the ways in which the subscription will be supplied to the User will be specified each time on the offer published on www.improveyourmix.com.

The user will be able to use the services offered to the Users registered on www.improveyourmix.com to which he will get access via the Subscription.

The User will have the possibility of using, or not, the promotional services of which the ways of fruition will be every and each time illustrated on the website www.improveyourmix.com.

The activation of the subscription implies the full acceptance, without reserves, of these Terms. Any change and/or integrations to the Terms and Conditions will be effective starting from the date in which they will be published on the Website and will be applied to the active subscription from that date. The last updated version of the general Terms and Conditions is the one downloadable from the Website.

Aemme Records isn’t in any way responsible for any interruption of the provision of the Subscription due to causes that are not directly imputable to it and that cannot be solved by its own technical control, such as computer or telephone network malfunctioning. For any verification related to the functioning of the Subscription Aemme Records’ systems shall prevail. Aemme Records specifies that the Subscription is automatically distributed by its own systems and that Aemme Record is not able to verify the identity of the applicant. Aemme Records reserves the right to block or suspend, in any moment and without notice, the service for the Users that might infringe the terms in these General Conditions reserving the right to deactivate or permanently cancel the Usere’s activation and all the related information and/or to block any future access to the Subscription for him/her.

The Subscription is provided by Aemme Records via the Website www.improveyourmix.com.

3) Subscription purchase and management

The User will be able to purchase a Subscription by signing up to the offer proposed in the catalogue on the Website improveyourmix.com. Aemme Records will be able to require the registration of an account that will allow the User to use the purchased Subscription.

We remind to the User that the Subscription will be automatically renewed.
At the Subscription deadline there will be an automatic renewal, unless it’s differently communicated to the email address info@improveyourmix.com.

The automatic renewal can be manually prevented from the Website improveyourmix.com as follows (please note that the automatic renewal can’t be reactivated after preventing it and a resubscription will be necessary in order to have a subscription with automatic renewal):

1. Click on the “Account" item in the website’s top menu,

2. Click on “Subscription" item in the left menu,

3. Click on the “View" button related to the subscription which automatic renewal has to be prevented (ensure that the subscription status is “Active" as mentioned in the “Status" column; otherwise, the system doesn’t consider the subscription active and will be instantly dropped as soon as the user asks for the automatic renewal prevention),

4. In the “Actions" row, click on the “Cancel" button to prevent the subscription’s automatic renew.

4) Subscription duration and automatic renewal

1. These General Conditions are applicable for the whole Subscription duration, indicated at the moment of the purchase and, anyway, from the moment of the activation and for the whole period in which the Subscription is actually active.

The Subscription will start from the date of activation and will last 30 days for what concerns Improve’s Club.
The Subscription will start from the date of activation and will last 365 days for what concerns The yearly Subscription.

2. With the automatic renewal, Aemme Record will directly charge the price of the Subscription with the same payment method used before by the User. Aemme Records will inform the User beforehand about any changes about the price of the Subscription that will be applied for the renewal period. In this case, before the renewal, the User will be able to cancel the Agreement by notifying Aemme Records following what is stated in the following point 3.

3. The user will be able to cancel the Subscription in any moment through his/her User Profile, by contacting the customer care service, thereby sending an email to info@improveyourmix.com

5) Service Costs

1. The User will pay to Aemme Records as remuneration for the Subscription, the amount specified in the formula selected while buying the service, following the l’importo indicato per la formula selezionata in fase di acquisto, in accordance with the procedures and time limits there stated. The sum total is expressed in Euros, including VAT, unless it’s differently stated.

Based on the chosen purchase formula, the User will proceed to the payment as specified in the shopping chart.

1. The user accepts that, where requested, the invoice related to the Subscription, issued by Aemme Records, will be sent to the email address that the User will have specified upon registering.

2. The Subscription or the purchase will be ended immediately if the Credit Card expired at the moment of renewal or any other mean of payment has been deactivated.

3. Method of payment: PayPal

PayPal is an online payment system that requires the creation of a PayPal account. By proceeding to the purchase with this method a page will be shown on the PayPal website where to put one’s address, personal email and the password of the account or proceeding to the creation of a new account.

After the registration the User will proceed to the payment via PayPal without having to reinsert his/her data, also for the following purchases. By choosing this way of payment the amount will be directly charged on the PayPal account the moment the order is acquired. For every successful transaction you will receive a confirmation email by PayPal.

Paypal is the sole service in charge for any malfunction related to the payment service. For more information: https://www.paypal.com/it/webapps/mpp/ua/useragreement-full

4. PayPal allows, as a method of payment, the use of credit and debit cards.